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Carrier IQ and security of certain mobile devices

November 30, 2011 in Cellular phones, Confidentiality, E-mail, Electronic Files, Internet Use, Privacy, Security by PeterK

An interesting, perhaps troubling, issue raised with respect to security of certain mobile devices. Read more about Carrier IQ  (,,  A somewhat long video of how this works
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Debt Collection Agency Can’t Use Facebook to Contact Debtor, Florida Court Rules

March 11, 2011 in Florida, Internet Use, Privacy, Social Networking by David Hricik

The story about what it portrays as a growing use of social media by debt collectors is here.

Autocomplete Causes Misdirection: Court Disqualifies Recipients

January 3, 2011 in Attorney-client privilege, California, Confidentiality, E-mail, Internet Use, Privacy by David Hricik

The story with a link to the court’s order disqualifying the lawyers who read the misdirected e-mail is here.

California Issues Ethics Opinion on Confidentiality and the Use of E-mail and Technology To Transmit Client Information

December 26, 2010 in Attorney-client privilege, California, Cloud, Confidentiality, E-mail, Internet Use, Privacy, Rules of Conduct, Security by David Hricik

California Formal Opinion 2010-179 outlines the lawyer’s duties when transmitting or storing confidential client information when the underlying technology may be susceptible to unauthorized access by third parties. An attorney’s
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Article Surveys Use of Evidence from Social Networking Sites in Personal Injury Cases

December 17, 2010 in Confidentiality, Internet Use, Privacy, Security, Social Networking by David Hricik

The article is here.

Adobe Flash Plug-In Creates Tracking Issues

November 17, 2009 in Internet Use, Privacy by prfhricik

An article in Wired Magazine reports that half of the Internet’s top websites use a little known feature in the Flash plug-in that allows for tracking of browsing activity and
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NY St. Bar Ass’n Approves Gmail Use Despite Contextual Ad Scanning

September 14, 2008 in Attorney-client privilege, Confidentiality, E-mail, Ethical Walls, Internet Use, Malpractice, New York, Privacy, Rules of Conduct, Websites by David Hricik

The New York State Bar Association concluded that lawyers could use gmail and comply with the duty of confidentiality despite the fact that email is ‘scanned’ by Google to place
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