by PeterK

Proposed web site or bulletin board based lawyer referral program does not qualify as permitted referral service

May 24, 1996 in Advertising, Iowa, Lawyer Referral Services, Websites by PeterK

Iowa opinion 95-21 addresses a proposed bulletin board or web site based referral service program. (February 22, 1996).

by PeterK

Tennessee advisory opinion addressses e-mail and advertising rules

November 12, 1995 in Advertising, E-mail, Tennessee by PeterK

Tennessee #95-A-576 (July 6, 1995):  Advertising/publicity rules generally inapplicable when an lawyer responds through private electronic mail to an individual inquiry on a legal matter posted to the Internet.

by PeterK

Newsgroup postings are a form of improper solicitation

November 4, 1995 in Advertising, Disclaimers, Social Networking, Tennessee by PeterK

Tennessee #95-A-570 (May 17, 1995): Newsgroup postings are a form of improper solicitation similar to unsolicited phone contacts. Web sites must contain certification disclaimer if an area of practice is
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