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July 17, 2017 in by Peter

I have published since 1995. I will be transitioning the content from LegalEthics,com to a new blog I created called Lopisder. It is focused on legal operations, innovation &
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Professor David Hricik added as site editor

April 16, 2005 in by PeterK slightly revised to display the names of site editors — Professor David Hricik of Mercer University School of Law and Peter Krakaur.

by PeterK site updated

June 24, 2000 in by PeterK

One of the oldest legal compendiums available, The Practicing Attorney’s Home Page, has been incorporated into this site. First published in January 1995, The Practicing Attorney’s Home Page, offered links
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New site design launched

March 26, 2000 in by PeterK

Welcome to the new site design! Change your bookmarks! Here’s what’s new: Most of the pages here now use the “.law” extension instead of “.htm” or “.html.” Navigation is now
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Over 2,000,000 visits since 1995

November 8, 1999 in by PeterK

We now receive approximately 60,000 page visits every month . We have well over 2,000,000 visits since 1995. Thank you for your continued interest.